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Add computer to Azure AD step by step – Microsoft Q&A.How to Azure AD Join a Windows 10 Home device? – Microsoft Q&A

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Because what do your users need? One more user name and password to forget so you can reset it so they can forget it again in two weeks? Or the ability to just bounce over to something like SalesForce.

Toggle Sliding Bar Area. New Offering! Introduction Devices have become cheaper and more affordable over the last few years and unsurprisingly proliferate: netbooks, laptops, smartphones, phablets, slates and tablets.

Without any doubt, employees as well as contractors will demand access with anything anywhere: From any location: at work, at home, or mobile.

From any device laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. Building a test lab environment. Testing the new capabilities for corporate owned devices.

Testing the new capabilities for personal devices. Testing Windows 10 domain joined devices in a hybrid Active Directory environment.

In the cloud, an Azure AD tenant that you’ve already provisioned as per previous section,. A first subnet It is separated from a second subnet that hosts the corporate intranet resources. The computer on this subnet is EDGE1.

A second subnet Repeat step 2 with adfs1 , and then dc1. Once all the allocated resources will be deallocated, the status of the VMs will then change to Stopped Deallocated. Click Download Tool Now to download the media creation tool. Amongst various interesting capabilities, the optimization for download speed being one of them, this tool allows the conversation to the ISO file format.

A User Account Control dialog pops up. Click Yes. On the What do you want to do? On the Select language, architecture, and edition Screen, select the following options, and the click Next :. In Language , select English United States. In Edition , select Windows 10 Professional. In Architecture , select 64 bits x A Select a path dialog opens up. Specify where to save the ISO file named Windows. The download starts.

After the download is complete and the Windows. The “Azure AD Join” model. This model is a cloud-only model and only requires an Azure AD tenant. The “Domain Join” model. As such, this model implies by nature a hybrid Active Directory environment with an on-premises WSAD infrastructure in place in addition to the above Azure AD tenant, along with at least synchronization capabilities between the two. Such a MDM solution is optional, but is typically used in real world scenarios for applying policy to mobile devices.

For the sake of the evaluation, and as already mentioned, this capability will be illustrated via Mobile Device Management for Office On the active directory page, at the top, click your directory, e.

Litware in our illustration. However, MFA is recommended when registering a device. If you have NOT implement the optional “on-premises” test lab environment deployed in Azure as per section entitled Building an on-premises test lab environment Optional , you must configure a multi-factor authentication provider in your Azure AD tenant and configure your user accounts for Multi-Factor Authentication.

If the Office admin center is not visible, open the apps launcher in the top left corner and select Admin. It may take some time for the service to be provisioned.

When it’s done, you’ll see the new Mobile Device Management for Office page. Complete the required steps to finish setup. You may need to click Manage settings on this page to see the following settings. You can then enable some policies.

To do so, click Manage device security policies and access rules. You’ll be taken to Compliance Center where you’ll click Manage device access settings. Use those instructions to add the following two records for your vanity domain:. The process of adding a new user start with the page Tell us about this user. Keep New user in your organization and specify the user name, for example ” kellys ” in our illustration. Select the arrow key to go to the next page user profile.

Fill in the user’s first name and last name plus their display name in the eponym fields, for example respectively type ” Kelly “, ” Smith “, and ” Kelly Smith “. Make sure the role is set to User. Do not select Multi-Factor Authentication. Click the right arrow to go to the next page Get temporary password. A new temporary password is created. You can either copy the password to the clipboard or send it in email in clear text.

Write down the password and then click the check box to complete the new user process. Change the password, for example to ” pass word1 ” in our illustration. Scroll down and locate authentication contact info.

The authentication contact is either a telephone call, a text message, or an application on your phone:. Fill in a valid phone number you can test with such as your cell phone or your desk phone.

Do not forget to save your changes. Click SAVE in the bottom of the tray. Boot a new image of Windows 10 that fulfills the pre-requisites described above. After booting, you’re presented with the regional settings screen. Configure your country or region, app language, keyboard layout, and time zone as necessary and click Next. Click Use express settings. If the connection to the Internet works, you should be then presented with a big question: Who owns this PC?

My organization. I own it. If you do need to access corporate devices, you will not experience SSO to those applications. For this scenario, select My organization , and then click Next. Allow it to spin and move to the next screen. Join Azure AD. Join a domain. This option allows you to join your machine to the traditional WSAD domain on-premises using your corporate work account. It may take a few minutes to get to the next screen. Click Sign in. You are then prompted to update your password if this is the first time you have logged on with this account.

Please do so and click Sign in once more. If you have setup the optional multi-factor authentication, you are also prompted to provide a second factor of authentication at this point. This is not illustrated here. Windows 10 uses a secure channel over any internet connection to communicate with Azure AD.

If so, a screen appears informing you of the automatic device enrollment process. Prior to doing that, you’re invited to make your PC more secure. Click Enforce these policies. A Verify your identity dialog shows up. Select one of the verification methods listed, and then click Next :. Text message Phone call Mobile app.

The mobile app method, as its name suggest, requires a prior installation on your mobile phone of the Azure Authenticator app. Click Next. Now that the app is successfully installed, you’re invited to specify how you’d like to use the app: receive a notification on your phone vs. Select Receive a notification on my phone , and then click Next. Under the covers this provisions Microsoft Passport.

Once the PIN is created, you are good to go. You will also need to allow traffic on port through the firewall to the WAP. Repeat the steps 2 to 4 of the section Joining a device in the out-of-box experience with a cloud user. Like before, the screen gets to Set up Windows for this work or school PC. Type the username of a federated Azure AD account, for example in our illustration janets litware Enter the password of your Azure AD account credential, for example, in our illustration “pass word1 “.

A screen appears informing you of the device enrollment process and the login continues. Once you arrive at the desktop with a local account, you may then choose to join Azure AD. The Settings dialog opens up. Allow it to spin and move to the next eponym page. This may sound familiar now.

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Microsoft has successfully built the suggested environment with Azure IaaS, and Windows Server R2 virtual machines. Before considering these two models, let’s start by configuring the common settings for the Azure AD test tenant. Join a domain. See my response above to make the migration steps.


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