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If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us! Various files to help you run Beast Wars: Transformers, apply patches, fixes, maps or miscellaneous utilities. MyAbandonware More than old games to download for free! Browse By Download 33 MB. Description of Beast Wars: Transformers Beast Wars: Transformers aka Beast Wars: Animutants , a really nice action game sold in for Windows, is available and ready to be played again!

Captures and Snapshots Windows. Write a comment Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d like. Send comment. Download Beast Wars: Transformers We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.

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All the areas have clear-cut paths to traverse where enemies ranging from snakes to UFOs threaten you constantly. To help guide you through the territory, an omnipotent voice will inform you of the status of your robot and warn you of approaching enemies. The voice will also suggest when it’s time to change into a beast as well.

Also along the way are energy, armor and ammo power-ups that are suspended in various locations on the path. The robots’ weapons consist of lasers, pulse blasts and wild electric bolts that vary from beast to beast but usually end up being fired constantly due to their seemingly minimal effect on many of the bad dudes. Fans of the show and the action figures will recognize some of the more popular characters including: Inferno, Terrorsaur and Tarantulas.

Even if you haven’t seen the show, Beast Wars is intuitive enough to be played. Browse games Game Portals. Beast Wars. Install Game. Click the “Install Game” button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher.

Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. Game review Downloads Screenshots Overall rating: 3. Overall rating: 4. Once within the base, the Maximal travels deeper underground and is assaulted by Scorponok. The mission is complete once the Maximal kills his assailant. A stasis pod has recently landed in the polluted zone; an area that has become highly unstable due to the last war that took place here.

Energon levels are especially high in this area, making it difficult to remain in robot mode for anything but a very short period of time. This whole area is a maze of pipes snaking in and out of the ground and the artificial structures that populate the landscape.

Entering the polluted zone to rescue the pod, the Maximal is welcomed by rainy skies… and more enemy units of course. Key among these are colossal Skriix units unlike anything encountered before. These large crawling brutes breathe fire and cause much more damage than any of the other previous breeds.

A variant on the previously encountered snake-like Skriix abound as well, more heavily armoured than those seen in the previous areas. Despite the escalating danger, the Maximal completes the first phase of his excursion to the polluted zone by reaching the stasis pod. At this point, a new Maximal merges from the pod Rattrap emerges from the stasis pod, and joins the Maximal ranks. With this development, the Maximal’s mission is updated; this area must be cleansed of the Skriix infestation, and Inferno ‘s forces must be driven out of the polluted zone.

By navigating around the nearby dilapidated structures and bypassing Inferno’s defences, the Maximal must root out every enemy unit to complete the second phase of this mission.

Making his way through the area, the Maximal is assaulted by many flying units, and eventually finds himself nearing a volcanic crater. Awaiting him in this region is a large jet-type drone, which transforms into a large robot with as of yet unsurpassed levels of endurance.

When the Maximal emerges victorious from the ensuing firefight, the current mission phase is considered completed. The area now clear of both Inferno’s forces and the Skriix menace, the Maximal proceeds deeper into the volcanic crater with one last task for this mission. It has come to the Maximals’ attention that Inferno is performing scientific experiments on Skriix specimens, which could prove disastrous if the Predacon is left to his own devices.

The Maximals decide it is time to put an end to Inferno, forever halting his probes into the planet-destroying Skriix. Spiralling down the path deeper into Inferno’s volcanic stronghold, dispatching what few defences the Predacon has left at his disposal, the Maximal finally encounters Inferno himself waiting atop his lab.

The Predacon takes to the air and begins to bombard the Maximal with firepower. Once Inferno is destroyed, the final phase of the Polluted Area mission is complete. Though the Predacons have suffered heavy losses, they still possess enough forces to pose a serious threat to the Maximals, and prepare an assault on the Axalon itself.

The Maximal must take care to defend the downed ship, and is called upon to secure the area. Patrolling around the area, the Maximal encounters several new Predacon drones, including giant mechanical, four-legged, purple, spider-like drones that can detach their “abdomen” section, allowing this segment to hover over to the Maximal and explode kamikaze-style.

Flying, manta-ray shaped drones also encroach into Maximal territory, and must be destroyed while simultaneously avoiding falling into the river of lava that flows near the Axalon. The Predacons have also set up few more primitive traps, rolling giant boulders downhill to crush the Maximal, and booby-trapping a rickety wooden bridge for it to collapse as the Maximal crosses it. As this prevents the Maximal from retracing his steps back to the Axalon, he must push forward, traversing rivers of lava by hopping onto gravity-defying boulders, until he reaches a volcanic crater.

Within the crater is the Predacon’s latest weapon; a humanoid drone either covered or made of lava. The Lava-bot engages the Maximal in the treacherous environment, hurling fireballs, which the Maximal must avoid while also being mindful of the lava on the ground.

Defeating the lava-bot concludes this phase of the mission. The Predacons’ forces are weakening, with Megatron ‘s armies running low on drone units. The Maximal’s mission is updated in light of these developments; advance into Predacon territory, and gain access to their ship.

To reach said ship, the Maximal must travel long winding rocky paths, bypass rivers of lava and avoid more rolling boulder traps. Though few drone units patrol the area, many of them are formidable, and the Maximal must defeat Terrorsaur in order to complete this stage of their mission.

The airborne Predacon is quick and strafes the Maximal erratically, but falls just the same to enough firepower. Megatron’s offensive forces have been eliminated, and entry to the Predacon ship has been secured. However, the defences within the base are an unknown factor, and the Maximals deem that they could still hinder their efforts to defeat Megatron once and for all.

The Maximal is sent in to locate and destroy Megatron as a final mission. Now within the vast and mostly vacant Predacon base, the Maximal has few units to contend against. A few strategically placed auto-guns and steam vents impede his progress nonetheless.

The Maximal must puzzle out where Megatron is hiding within his base, and must make sense of a series of teleporting pads to progress, as well as hop atop of metal cages dangling from the ceiling to bypass a large lava pit.

Once the Maximal locates Megatron isolated atop an elevated platform, the showdown between the two begins. Megatron makes use of several large metal crates to hide behind, while running around frantically and delivering laser blasts towards the Maximal.

When Megatron is defeated, he collapses to the ground, expired, signalling the end of the Beast Wars. The Predacons now defeated, Optimus Primal declares the galaxy free of war, thanks to the Maximals. Rattrap exclaims that the Maximals survived and are still the baddest!

The Maximals are able to launch a rescue mission in the event one of their teammates have been captured by the enemy. After flying through flocks of Predacon aerial drones, fields of hover-mines, and swarms of flying Skriix units, the Maximal arrives at their target: an large enemy vessel with flame decals.

In the event that all Maximal troops are defeated in combat, the Maximals are subjected to several powerful explosions before being forced to retreat, wounded and demoralized, back to the Axalon. The Maximal Rhinox , has expanded his heavily fortified base within easy reach of Tarantulas’s lair , prompting the Predacons to invade and neutralize this threat. The Predacon is sent into the desert area, and begin working his way through the base’s defences The obstacles are many, including free-roaming Skriix aliens, resembling enormous scorpions, and a variety of drone units under Rhinox’s command.

Most frequently encountered are small flying units armed with a single cannon, and large lumbering semi-humanoid automatons, that use their enormous forearms to move about and attack. Entering the outer-limits of the base, the Predacon must avoid falling into streams of mysterious green liquid which prove fatal to the touch.

Moving in further, the Predacon enters a station built upon a river of clear water, the entryway to the inner section of Rhinox’s base. Once inside, the first phase of the Predacon’s mission is complete. Though the Predacon’s progress into Rhinox’s sanctum has forced the Maximal to retreat deeper within his base, the Predacon must take a slight detour before pressing on.

A massive mobile energy source has been detected outside the base, and must be investigated. Making his way through more of the previously encountered drones and Skriix, the Predacon must now equally be careful to avoid being blown to smithereens by the turrets planted densely atop the cliff sides that fire down into the rocky valleys and canyons the Predacon navigates through. Nearing the source of the energy detected previously, the Predacon enters a section of Rhinox’s base; a veritable metropolis, with enormous skyscrapers dominating the sky-line, several layers of roads and bridges interconnecting them, and more defences to conquer.

Upon reaching the energy source, it is revealed what was detected is in actuality an enormous humanoid mech unit, stylized to look like Rhinox itself. The titanic drone must be destroyed in order to complete the second phase of the Predacon’s mission. The Predacon recovers a powerful energy cell from the downed mech unit, and proceeds with the intent of eliminating Rhinox and stealing the technology he has developed for use in the Predacon cause.

Rhinox’s city base proves to be multi-layered, and the Predacon must trek down several layers to pursue his prey. Eliminating the last remaining defences, and carefully avoiding the deadly streams of green liquid once more, the Predacon confronts Rhinox deep underground within the city-base. Destroying Rhinox after the ensuing fire-fight completes the final phase of the Predacon’s mission.

Cheetor ‘s mining operation in the Desert Area is deemed a threat, and the Predacon is sent on a mission to deal with it. One key drone that must be eliminated is the ” Rock Blaster ” unit. Destroying this unit is the first objective in the Predacon’s desert mission, but to reach it the Predacon must first contend with swarms of smaller flying units, which are particularly populous in Cheetor’s territory. Fighting through a variety of flying drones through the narrow corridors of the desert ravines, the Predacon finally reaches their objective, and must destroy the Rock Blaster.

The bipedal, shovel-handed drone begins the battle on the ground, but quickly takes to the air and blasts away at the Predacon while constantly flanking his position. Once the drone is destroyed, the Predacon is free to move on to the next phase of the desert mission.

Observing the Energon-richness of the area, the Predacons decide to eliminate Cheetor’s operation, and annex the territory. The Predacon is tasked to plant a bomb within Cheetor’s mining plant. Retrieving an explosive device from a nearby station, and making his way through many units hidden beneath the desert sands, the Predacon finally reaches the target.

In order to gain access to the machine’s inner mechanism, where the bomb must be planted, the machine must be first activated, forcing the Predacon to dodge large boulders as they tumble down the machine’s various conveyor belts. After the bomb is properly placed, the Predacon must clear the bomb’s blast radius before the device detonates, completing the mission.

The Predacons’ resources have been increased significantly thanks to the completion of the previous mission phase. In order to secure the area permanently however, Cheetor himself must be eliminated. The journey to Cheetor’s inner sanctum is a short one, but still riddled with danger nonetheless. In addition to an increasing number of Skriix aliens in the vicinity, Cheetor’s turrets and aerial drone constantly barrage the Predacon with firepower.

But once they have been bypassed, the Predacon need only circumvent the energon-filled moat via floating platform to behold Cheetor’s central base of operation; a large stone structure, with two large stone sphinxes bearing Cheetor’s facial likeness flanking the entrance. Once inside, the firefight between the Maximal and the Predacon commence, and once Cheetor is downed, the Predacon’s mission is considered a success. The Maximals have detected a stasis pod in the Polluted Area.

The Predacons plan to reach it first, and claim the Transformer within. The Predacon is sent to secure the pod, but is forced to do so with limited time spent in robot-form, due to the area’s high Energon radiation. This video game article is a stub and is missing information. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it.

With Blackarachnia now added to the Predacon ranks, the Predacons’ attention shift to the alien life forms infesting the planet. Due to fear that the Maximals might somehow use the aliens’ power against them, Megatron decides to eliminate the nearby Maximal forces. The Predacon is tasked with completing this objective. After experimenting on the aliens, it has been deemed that they are of no use to the Predacons.

However, they have caused damage to Dinobot ‘s forces. This opens an opportunity for the Predacon to eliminate Dinobot while he is vulnerable. The Maximals are retaliating, and their forces advancing upon the Predacons’ ship.


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Apple iMac M1 review. Windows Windows. Most Popular. New Releases. Desktop Enhancements. Networking Software. Trending from CNET. Download Now. Developer’s Description By Hasbro Interactive. The everlasting Transformers line has entered into a metamorphosis once again.

But this time, battle-ready больше на странице are fused with the likes of insects and animals as their evil and do-good counterparts, respectively. The Maximals and Predacons have settled in distinct areas around the planet and have developed their own bases and armies to aid in the fight against opposing forces.

The gameplay is made exciting by the invasion of alien monsters called the Skriix. The Skriix beast wars game pc download through an interdimensional porthole and lay waste to all they encounter. The Predacons and Maximals must fight this common foe before resuming the Beast Wars.

This game supports 3D graphics accelerators. Full Specifications. What’s new in version. Release December 5, Date Added May 22, Operating Systems.

Operating Systems Windows, Windows Additional Requirements None. Total DownloadsDownloads Last Week 0. Report Software. Related Software. WWE Raw Free to try.

Battle top wrestling superstars beast wars game pc download tons of TV-style presentation effects. Play as Edward Kenway, a pirate captain and become the most feared pirate in the Caribbean.

Plants vs. Blast zombies, plants and new characters across a mind-blowing world. Best for privacy 3 months free with 1-year plan. User Reviews. Show Reviews.

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