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There were reports that not long after Hon. Ken Agyapong and Afeny- Markin who had also come to the campus ordered the students to stay on campus as the university had not been closed down. Kwamena Duncan, who was asked to comment on the development in a radio interview indicated that the actions of the two MPs amounted to misconduct.

This comment did not go down well with Ken Agyapong frree he arcuitect angry and shredded Kwamena Duncan into pieces. Can he Kwamena Duncan stand me? When there was chaos bitt he spoke to the students, he drove off, Hon.

Afenyo Markin and I were the people calming the students down. Did he buy even iced water for anyone? They indicated that the allegations by Hon Kennedy Agyapong had brought the NPP under pressure and exposed them to public ridicule. The group therefore concluded, that the actions of Hon Kennedy Agyapong was amateurish, disgraceful, childish and unbeffiting of someone of his stature hence needs to apologize unconditionally to the Regional Minister and the NPP as a Party within 72 hours or face their wrath.

News of Hon. Kwamena Duncan award of fifty 50 road contracts to patcj got to us with ultimate shock. We feel embarrassed and threatened, as the allegations smack of total disregard for the Public Interest, raises damning issues of Conflict of Interest, unthinkable Greed, Corruption and stinking Abuse of Power.

While we were gathering ourselves to reach out to the Hon. Regional Minister to ascertain the veracity or otherwise of the claims, we were greeted with radio interviews by the Regional Minister on several media platforms debunking the allegations.

Kennedy Agyapong and that the latter had conceded that he was misinformed. Kwamena Duncan made it clear in those interviews that Hon. Agyapong has accepted that claims dree completely baseless and absolute falsehood.

Till date, the outspoken Kennedy Agyapong is yet to debunk these claims by our Hon. Regional Minister. One therefore wonders the motive behind the decision of an honorable Member Of Parliament to go to town with such serious claims, which we are now told are allegations borne out of mere speculations, without stopping to cross-check the facts. And why till date, he Kennedy Agyapong has refused to render an unqualified apology to Hon.

Not only is Hon. By Hon. We are, by this statement, calling on Hon. Kennedy Agyapong to apologize unconditionally and publicly to the honorable Regional Minister and the Party within 72 hours or face our wrath.

It is even more childish to try to blackmail the party bkt cessation of his membership following the wide spread condemnations that have greeted his continuously disgraceful conduct. He Kennedy Agyapong has 72 hours to do the needful or have himself to blame for what will befall him. The photo shared on social media by Mrs. Kwaku Источник has led her fans and followers to believe she is already pregnant with her 3rd child.

Kwaku Oteng and managed by herself, the beautiful lady tried as much as she can to hide her baby bump but her fans saw through her easy enough. Before she even admits or denies the speculations, congratulations have begun to pour in bif her followers on Instagram. Akua already has 2 handsome boys for the rich old man.

She was the first among all the wives of the rich man to give him a son. Because of that Ghpage. The post 4th wife of Dr. Christian God whose main duty is to reveal to his servants, the Prophets only the destruction and death of Ghanaian citizens, mainly the celebrities has shaken himself again in a more dangerous way than ever before.

According to one of the well-known Ghanaian prophets, who is based in Kumasi, popularly known for his miraculous works, Eagle Prophet has prophesied that death microsoft and home business 2016 about to strike again on the Ghanaian radio presenters in Accra. He is one of the renowned presenters in Ghana here, I saw him losing his life. He has been in journalism for so many years.

No, I am hitting the prophecy on its head. He added that one of the biggest FM stations in Ghana got burnt including three people and these are these that are about to happen in Ghana.

Let’s block ads! The AMG business rapper, Medikal has finally had his turn at Tim Westwood TV and on record, he is one the most dope Ghanaian musicians who have had the bbit to appear on the show. Medikal started his rap by talking about who he is and the musical groups he belongs to.

Chier also bragged a little as expected of any rapper. Then he descended into serious business. Medikal rapped about the beautiful things in Africa. Chief architect premier x7 final 32 bit full patch free mentioned how Africans are happy and live a fulfilled live irrespective of the minor challenges. Medikal went on to talk about major media stations like CNN and how they paint African black. Medikal has been nominated for the Vodafone Ghana Music Award rapper of the year and many are expecting him to win it.

Scurvy had taken down his crew on the HMS Ffree, forcing them into their hammocks where they swayed in the sticky heat of the tropics as their ship listed slowly across the Pacific.

Eager to control the South Atlantic, the British Navy had tasked Admiral Byron with settling an island off the South American coast where ships could resupply, and then finding an alternative route to the East Indies.

By the time he finally returned to Cief, he had set a record for circumnavigating the globe in less than two years; oatch the western Falkland Islands for the Crown; and nearly started a war between Great Britain and Spain in the process. After a month windows 10 pro license cdw free download empty blue horizon, a tiny island appeared.

Alas, Byron quickly ascertained that it was impossible to land. With the high surf and a shallow coral shoreline that dropped starkly into the bottomless blue, there was no safe anchorage. Then there were the natives, noted Byron, who showed up on the beach brandishing 5m-long spears. The chief architect premier x7 final 32 bit full patch free set massive signal fires to warn a neighbouring island of the impromptu invaders. Byron backed off and instead set sail towards the larger neighbouring island, but he again failed to anchor along the ringed coral atoll.

Byron only convinced the islanders to back off when he shot a 9lb cannonball увидеть больше their heads. The map was published following his round-the-world journey, and the moniker has stuck ever since. But the name checked out online, pointing to Napuka and Tepoto, a pair of far-flung dots architecg the South Pacific, etched upon the blue surface of the Tuamotu Archipelago, the largest group of coral atolls on the planet.

Peering down on Google Earth, the smaller of the two Disappointment Islands chief architect premier x7 final 32 bit full patch free a single-cell organism floating alone in the ocean. Measuring just 4 sq km, Tepoto is one of the smallest of the islands parch atolls that comprise French Polynesia. This green teardrop banded by sandy beach upon a deep blue ribbon is also the tiny island where Byron failed to land.

Could I get there, and would I be disappointed, too? I spent three weeks making cold calls before I got hold of an agent. Once I stepped off the plane, I would have to stay. This was bbit ultimate desire as a traveller: to show up unannounced like those chief architect premier x7 final 32 bit full patch free British sailors, open to the naked fate of true exploration. I opted out of scurvy and long months at sea in favour of the hour flight to Tahiti from Washington DC, measured out in cups of fresh pineapple juice poured by flight attendants wearing floral prints.

After a night in Papeete, I boarded a two-hour prop plane to Napuka. For the first hour, I watched the empty ocean far below me. The blue intensity astonished me as much as the immensity of the water. Polynesia is believed to be one of the last areas on Earth settled by humans, and that ancient people sailed across this void in narrow по этой ссылке from places like Indonesia and the Philippines seemed nearly impossible.

Resting my forehead against the vibrating window, I studied the нажмите сюда surface of the mid-morning Pacific, basking in that rare moment when stark geographic truths confront you: Polynesia is more ocean than anything else.

We dropped in tight circles and landed on the atoll of Fakarava, where at least half the 20 passengers departed. Ten minutes later we were back in the air, hovering over an even longer stretch of blue. The plane veered right and the larger atoll of Napuka filled my oval window view, like a turquoise boomerang encircling a long necklace of white coral islets. Right before we landed, I saw a flash of metal rooftops and green palm groves, a few dirt roads and a pointed church steeple.

Families rushed towards us and flung fragrant flower leis around the necks of loved ones. As the lone foreigner, I stood apart, awkwardly watching the ritual of welcome, already chief architect premier x7 final 32 bit full patch free invasive and uncomfortable.

Though I had travelled 12,km, a great divide remained. I did not belong in this scene, and everybody there knew it. I smiled and shrugged. We chatted. His name was Jack, premiwr he and his colleague Evarii were electronic technicians from Tahiti, servicing all the tsunami warning sirens in French Polynesia.

They had come to repair the siren on Tepoto, which is only accessible by boat from Napuka, and like me, they would have to stay eight days before the next flight back. But why had I come? Jack asked me. Where would I stay? The only way to Napuka is aboard an irregular two-hour prop plane from Tahiti’s capital, Papeete Credit: Andrew Evans.

As if stepping out of a Gauguin painting, a woman soon approached me with a flowing bright skirt and a wide straw hat pinned оставляю microsoft office 2016 pro features free download было flowers that shaded her face.

Yes, I wanted to visit Tepoto. I jumped at the chance. I knew. Chief architect premier x7 final 32 bit full patch free had a few litres of water in my bag, but it was barely enough for one day, let alone a week. I helped load the tiny boat with supplies, including a massive cooler of drinking water the technicians had checked as cargo from Tahiti. In a flash, the front loader dropped the skiff into chief architect premier x7 final 32 bit full patch free water, and two drivers jerked the outboard motors to life.



Chief architect premier x7 final 32 bit full patch free


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