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There is also a map editor is included that allowing players to modify existing maps or create new ones. The game graphics are too good to play comfortably. Delta Force 3 Land Warrior free download and fight. No results.

First-Person Shooter. In certain missions, the player leads a squad, allowing him to issue orders to his teammates, although the majority of missions pits the player alone against the enemy. A map editor is included, allowing players to modify existing maps, or create new ones. Multiplayer allows up to 50 players to compete in the game modes Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, King Of The Hill, Capture the Flag, Flagball, in which up to 4 teams compete in order to capture one flag located in the middle of the battlefield, and Coop mode, which allows four players to work together to complete the standard singleplayer missions.

The game starts with the hostage rescue in one of the Great Pyramids of Giza. It is later discovered that the terrorists involved belong to the Armed People’s Front APF , a group that is opposed to Western involvement in the Middle East and is planning attacks on Western factions in Egypt. The Delta team seizes weapons caches at a dig site in Western Egypt and are led to the capture of APF’s leader, Meinhard Kreider, in a raid on his fortress.

A New Dawn launches several attacks on the West, from taking hostages in Mayan ruins to hiding weapons and drugs in Lebanon and Indonesia. A spetsnaz officer taken hostage in Lebanon is rescued in a heavily defended compound by the Delta Team. The squad then destroys drug shipments in Indonesia.

A New Dawn training facility is neutralized during an ambush in the Banda Sea. Later, the head of the World Bank is rescued in a Japanese saiguden. Finally the team comes together to rescue the American ambassador to Mexico in the Palenque Ruins and stops the delivery of a radiological bomb from the Yucatan to Los Angeles.

However, another radiological bomb escaped to an abandoned detention center near Ciudad Juarez, but was seized in time by Delta Force members Snakebite and Pitbull. In this product there are two modes, Single Player and Multiplayer, you can easily play this installment online or offline. To download this game, you need to install IDM Software on your PC because without it, you cannot download this game, so install this software first before downloading this game.

This is the exact pattern of installation and it is very easy, just follow these steps and you are good to go. You must be logged in to post a comment.



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In Delta Force, you take control as a member of an elite unit of the U. As part of a trained force, traverse the world’s hottest spots, in order to resolve various conflicts, and prevent acts of terrorism. You can run errands in a variety of ways, because it is a tactical Shooter.

It involves controlling the situation, and scouting the area beforehand to identify the threat, and carefully proceed to eliminate targets. After all, making a plan is the most important part of all offensive operations ever. Action will unfold in many unusual and diverse places in the world, up to snow-covered Russia, and the mafia Peru.

The campaign consists of 9 chapters, and a total of 40 missions. Each will offer its own storyline, with its own distinctive environment, enemies, and a mission to complete on the terrain. So, sometimes you must sweep an entire military base, or steal a notebook or a document containing valuable information about your enemies’ plans.

Before you start the level you will be offered to choose appropriate weapons, which are based on real prototypes. You need to pick up exactly, based on the assignment in the territory of the enemy. Take a sniper rifle that suppresses at long ranges or a silenced submachine gun that destroys foes quickly and quietly. And if you want, you can take different types of explosives, like a radio-controlled mine, which will help in some dangerous situations, and remotely cause certain damage to the abode of enemies.

On this page you can always download Delta Force for free on pc via torrent or direct link. The site is not responsible for the content of the material. Let us remind you that your property was in the public domain and that is the only reason it was published on our site. The site is non-commercial, and we can’t check all publications of users. Download Delta Force for free PC game.

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