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Drools Expert User Guide. The Rule Engine 1. What is a Rule Engine? Introduction and Background 1. Why use a Rule Engine? Advantages of a Rule Engine 1. When should you use a Rule Engine? When not to use a Rule Engine 1. Scripting or Process Engines 1. Strong and Loose Coupling 2.

Quick Start 2. The Basics 2. Stateless Knowledge Session 2. Stateful Knowledge Session 2. A Little Theory 2. Methods versus Rules 2. Cross Products 2. Activations, Agenda and Conflict Sets. Inference 2. Inference and TruthMaintenance 2. More on building and deploying 2. Knowledge Base by Configuration Using Changesets 2.

Knowledge Agent 3. Advanced Concepts and Theory 3. Truth Maintenance with Logical Objects 3. Example Scenario 3. Lazy Truth Maintenance 3. Important note: Equality for Java objects 3. Rete Algorithm 4. User Guide 4. Building 4. Building using Code 4. Deploying 4.

KnowledgePackage and Knowledge Definitions 4. KnowledgeBase 4. In-Process Building and Deployment 4. Building and Deployment in Separate Processes 4. StatefulknowledgeSessions and KnowledgeBase Modifications 4. KnowledgeAgent 4. Running 4. StatefulKnowledgeSession 4. KnowledgeRuntime 4. Agenda 4. Event Model 4. KnowledgeRuntimeLogger 4.

StatelessKnowledgeSession 4. Commands and the CommandExecutor 4. Marshalling 4. Persistence and Transactions 4.

Drools Clips 5. The Rule Language 5. Overview 5. A rule file 5. What makes a rule 5. Keywords 5. Comments 5. Single line comment 5. Multi-line comment 5. Error Messages 5. Message format 5. Error Messages Description 5. Other Messages 5. Package 5. Function 5. Type Declaration 5. Declaring New Types 5. Declaring Metadata 5. Declaring Metadata for Existing Types 5.

Parameterized constructors for declared types 5. Non Typesafe Classes 5. Accessing Declared Types from the Application Code 5. Type Declaration ‘extends’ 5. Rule 5. Rule Attributes 5. Timers and Calendars 5.

Left Hand Side when syntax 5. The Right Hand Side then 5. A Note on Auto-boxing and Primitive Types 5. Query 5. Domain Specific Languages 5. When to Use a DSL 5. DSL Basics 5. Adding Constraints to Facts 5. Developing a DSL 5. XML Rule Language 5. When to use XML 5. The XML format 5. Legacy Drools 2. Authoring 6. Decision Tables in Spreadsheets 6. When to Use Decision Tables 6. Overview 6. How Decision Tables Work 6. Spreadsheet Syntax 6. Creating and integrating Spreadsheet based Decision Tables 6.

Managing Business Rules in Decision Tables 6. Rule Templates 6. Templates 6. The Rule Template File 6.



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Drools is now split into 5 modules, each with their own manual – Guvnor (BRMS/BPMS), Expert (Rules), Fusion (CEP), Flow (Process/Workflow) and Planner. Guvnor is our web based. Drools manual pdf. Drools expert reference manual: html single red hat subscription documentation: check the customer portal. we will see a complete example on how to use drools: describing the idea, setting up the project, writing the rules, writing the unit tests. drools is a business rules management system (brms) solution. Beginners & Freshers: Drool tutorial will be useful for all those readers who wish to define rules in their applications to integrate business logic in a standard way.


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