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Features of windows 10 may 2019 update free download.Windows 10 May 2019 Update: 10 notable new features (free PDF)

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This means you could install Visual Studio Code and open a project, or create a sandbox with no network access and a read-only link to the Downloads folder in order to try out downloaded files safely. Windows needs enough storage to update itself, and for day-to-day running.

Reserved Storage allocates around 7GB of drive space to Windows for updates, caches and temporary files the exact amount depends on which languages and features are installed.

To open Cortana, you have to click the Cortana button — and speak queries rather than typing them. This takes a good many hours to create the initial index which only happens when the PC is plugged in and can reduce battery life, so if there are specific folders you want to include it may be better to add these individually under Advanced Search Indexer Settings.

With the Action Center, you can get a lot of alerts and notifications. You can right-click on a font file in File Explorer and choose Install, but that installs the font for all users and means entering an admin credential.

But you must still have had a password on your Microsoft account in the first place to add it to Windows, which is one more password to forget or lose. Originally that was just for Windows 10 Home, but now it works with all editions, so companies wanting to move to zero-trust passwordless systems can include Windows in that.

That’s especially an issue when using a high-DPI laptop with an external display, Microsoft continues to make tweaks that reduce DPI-related frustrations. In this build, Task Manager gets the option to add a DPI Awareness column that helps pinpoint offending apps; maybe these details will shame some developers into fixing their code. Be default, Windows Search indexes the contents of all the data folders in your personal profile and in any libraries you create.

But power users and coders often want more control over what’s searchable. You’ll want to go through the Excluded Folders list to make sure random program files don’t appear on the list. Be sure to leave plenty of time for that first, greatly expanded index to complete. File this one under “Why did it take so long to add this capability? In this update, it adds the much needed capability to capture a windows rather than just a full screen or an arbitrary rectangle.

For those who still prefer Snipping Tool, it’s still there Windows 10 version , which will be officially dubbed the May Update, begins rolling out soon. Here are some of the new capabilities you can expect in yet another feature-packed semi-annual release.

This gallery is based on a near-final Insider Preview release. Simplifying the Start layout On new accounts, Windows 10 splatters fewer icons than in previous versions, and it groups some of them into ready-made folders. Streamlined search, with frequently used apps Clicking in the search box in Windows 10 version reveals this uncluttered interface, with filter icons at the top, a list of your five most frequently used apps in the center, and recent documents and web pages from your Timeline of activity.

Windows Sandbox One of the killer features of Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions only is its built-in virtualization platform.

Set up a Microsoft account with a phone number This version introduces support for Microsoft accounts based on a phone number, with no email address required. Cortana spins off from Search Microsoft made a determined effort to meld Cortana and Windows Search into a single feature.

Windows Hello options, made easier Under the Sign-in Options heading in Account Settings, every option is grouped in a more compact, easier-to-read format. Come to the light side The option to choose a dark theme has been part of Windows for several versions now, but there hasn’t been an equivalent light theme until now.

Finally, the Windows font installer goes modern Even after four years, Windows 10 still has some noteworthy bits that are firmly mired in its ancient past. The emoji picker gets reinforcements The ability to insert emoji in a document or text field has been part of Windows 10 since version Most Windows users know the feeling when an unknown but potentially very useful application suddenly requests admin privileges.

Until now, there were only two options how to handle such situations: live without the app or risk a devastating malware infection. The good news is that Microsoft has added a third option with the Windows 10 May Update: to safely execute the application in a sandbox environment. Unlike full-fledged virtual machines, the new sandbox feature is extremely lightweight MB and conveniently available as part of Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise.

In many ways, the Windows 10 Start menu can be seen as a goodbye letter to Windows 8 and its Metro user interface. The search box has also been reworked, and Cortana is no longer part of it. Instead, it now lives as a separate icon, allowing Microsoft to update the two features independently.

All Linux enthusiasts who are forced to use the Windows operating system have another reason to rejoice because the Windows 10 May Update has made it possible for users of Windows Subsystem for Linux WSL to access Linux files from within File Explorer or any other application. This means no more relying on the command line or various third-party tools of questionable reliability. Your smartphone is an incredibly useful authentication device, and Windows 10 now allows you to use it instead of a password when signing in.

All you need is a Microsoft account linked to your phone number. When you try to sign in, Microsoft will automatically text you a security code, which essentially works as a temporary password. Fortunately, all Windows users who install the latest update can expect fewer miss-typed characters because Microsoft is now dynamically adjusting the targets around each key of the Windows 10 virtual keyboard. Considering that even smartphones now readily capture RAW photos, it was about time Microsoft added support for popular RAW image file formats to Windows Now, the Cortana smart assistant search bar and the standard OS search bar are separated.

Typing in the regular search bar will now bring up a search-specific window while a standalone button will activate Cortana. These are just a few of the features made available to Windows 10 users via the May update.

You can expect to see smaller adjustments, like support for Koamoji, once you’ve installed the update. If you’re wary about doing so, we don’t blame you. Microsoft hasn’t had a difficult time pushing out updates lately. Those problems culminated when it was discovered that important documents were vanishing from laptops after the October update was installed.


Download Windows 10 Media Feature Pack.Windows 10 Update Assistant

The Windows 10 Update Assistant downloads and installs feature updates on your device. Feature updates like Windows 10, version (a.k.a. the Windows You can download the latest updates to Windows 10 by using the Windows 10 Update Assistant. This tool will automatically download and install.


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You can expect to see smaller adjustments, like support for Koamoji, once you’ve installed the update. The hardware available to the sandbox—for example, GPU, networking, or shared folders—and other settings can be customized via config files. Since all Windows 10 laptops periodically check for updates and automatically install them, you don’t necessarily need to do anything to get the latest software.


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