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– Using the Oracle ODBC Driver

Search Loading. If the bit driver is not installed, run the package. Gar Rasaratnam.


Unable to connect to office /Ms excel using OLEDB | Blue Prism Product.


Generally, one of the first steps when you are trying to work with databases is open it. You can find several types of those, and each have a different mode of connection. When you try to connect with your database sometimes, you don’t know the correct connection string that you must use. It is for that reason I wrote this article. I wanted to compile the connection strings to the majority of known databases If you are using tab delimited files, you must create the schema.

If you are working without a database container , you must change the SourceType parameter by DBF as in the following connection string:. For that, you have two solutions: inform the user and password in the connection string or in the moment of the open operation. For example:. If the SQL Server is running on the same computer, you can replace the name of the server by the word local like in the following sample:. If you want to connect with a remote SQL Server, you must inform the address, the port, and the Network Library to use:.

The Address parameter must be an IP address and must include the port. The Network parameter can be one of the following:. For more information, see Q If you want to connect with a remote database, you need to specify the name of the server or its IP in the Server parameter. If the Port is distinct to default port , you must specify it. If you want to have multiple options, you should add the above flags! If you want to connect with a SQL Server running on the same computer, you must specify the keyword local in the Data Source like in the following example:.

Where test is the name of MySQL database. For more information, see: Q It will create a schema file in that folder when you open it which shows all the fields available. Replace Pat Smith with the name of the mail box and you must keep vertical pipe character to indicate top level of folders. Place sub folder after vertical pipe if accessing specific folder. Note : You can enter queries against the mail store just like a database For more information, see: The Jet 4.

For example, for Local Naming, it is the alias in the tnsnames. If you want to create a Data Link File, you can make a new empty text file, change its extension by. Sign in Email. Forgot your password? Search within: Articles Quick Answers Messages. Tagged as VC6. Stats 3. ADO Connection Strings. Carlos Antollini Rate me:. Please Sign up or sign in to vote. Copy Code. Carlos Antollini Architect Citigroup.

Carlos is originally from Argentina, he was living for several years in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, working for Citibank. Then he started his own business. Currently he is sharing his passion for project management and BI at Citigroup.

First Prev Next adomd. Mahdi Nejadsahebi Oct Arun Kumar K S 5-Aug Honnappa M S Jun Manoj Kumar Choubey Jan T 6-May Ajay Kale New Feb I have never failed,I just found ways that never works. Regards, Victory. Shahriar Nour Khondokar Mar Syed Habeeb Ullah Quadri Aug Thao Nam Oct Pavlikas Sep SandraS Mar Go to top. Layout: fixed fluid.

Architect Citigroup. First Prev Next. Ensure that ‘ SQL Browser’ service is running. In my remote server my sqlbrowser is running but i am unable to find exact error. Mahdi Nejadsahebi. My vote of 5 Mahdi Nejadsahebi Oct Arun Kumar K S.

I installed Oracle 11g client in my fedora machine. My vote of 5 Honnappa M S Jun Good collection. My vote of 5 Manoj Kumar Choubey Jan Manoj Kumar Choubey. Helpful article My vote of 4 yichangzyh May Outlook connection string? Con open wait Ajay Kale New Feb Ajay Kale New. Hi All, I want to show some ongoing even on in the mean time when the connection is being opened.

After conn opens – then only the text is changed as ‘Connecting Any help..? Thanks and regards – Ajay K. SQL Server Connection string.. Help needed urgently Hi Carlos Antollini, Its a fantastic article. I m using SQL Server I have some queries.. Please HELP..

ITs Urgent for Me.. Shahriar Nour Khondokar. Check this article on embedding SQL in C. Somebody can help me? Thank you modified on Friday, October 23, AM. Syed Habeeb Ullah Quadri. I am a newbie for dot net as i was from PowerBuilder recently migrated. Oracle; It’s giving me an error.. It may not be properly installed. What can I do to resolve the error? Never complain,never explain,just do your work. Re: problem with oledb connection Net has to be installed. Do a search for ODP. Net, should be able to find it.

I can not seem to get the open to except a connection string for a “.


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