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Forgot your password? EN Login. Advanced Search. Forums Search. Found posts. Search sidefx houdini fx 16.5.378 free download Show results as topic list. March 25, See full post. Hi, I think this could be something introduced in the Is there a reason or intention behind this, or is this a bug? Cheers, Ivan. Thank You Aizatulin, You’ve done a great job here with lots of options! Now I’m sorry but, I still havn’t a good junction like the hourini on the opposite. You need to save new cache files out whenever you change xownload sim 2.

Yes, the visualization is only for the viewport. Konstantin Magnus posts Offline. Aizatulin posts Offline. March 24, Hi, your pathdeformer is not working for me, but I’ve tried it with another one and it ran into the same problem. But after I’ve used an open curve instead closed onewhich is closed at the end points and both tangents start and end equals in direction with opposite signthen it works for me.

Here is my modification. Len posts Offline. I’ve got a very simple test setup that I can’t seem to get to work: I draw a simple spline in Unreal 4. I have an HDA H Then copies sixefx box to each point copy to points. In Houdini this looks fine: all boxes are aligned vertically. I’ve downlooad no other changes and using all other defaults. If I expose an editable Curve from Houdini to Unreal it works as expected. If I use the Curve Input and sidefx houdini fx 16.5.378 free download sodefx curve in Unreal it works as expected.

Is this a bug or am I call of duty zombies something? Thank houdihi. Hidde 1 posts Offline. Hey all, I keep getting crashes when running my copy stamp. Next sidefx houdini fx 16.5.378 free download that I have also tried Discrete graphics within my Bios. I’m trying the attribtransfer SOP but I don’t get how to transfer my UVs from the polygons to the the points I scattered directly on the wall. Thanks for any help! Hello, How can I have a continuous deformation on a closed curve?

Glad to be posting for houdinl first time. I’m a new user and I’ve been following tutorials on object deformation. I was able to replicate his results and it worked great on the shape of a metal wall which was the shape used in his tutorial.

However, when I apply the exact same process to a different shape a street lamp, in this casethe spring constraints freak out. On the first frame of the simulation, the spring constraints piston outward and the original object loses its integrity. Within a few frames, the street lamp just looks like a jumbled mess. So my question is this. How come in certain simulations spring constraints seem to hold fractured objects together at least until another object impacts themwhile in other simulations the spring constraints tear the object apart?

I’ve toyed around with the constraints’ strength, but if the strength gets too low then gravity just pulls everything downward and ruins the simulation.

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong but I’m just not sure what it is. Thanks ahead of time for sharing your knowledge! Ok Thanks. Seems pretty clear that Otoy is aiming at real time raytracing also. The inclusion into Unity seems primarily for that как сообщается здесь – and all the other features are further steps toward it.

Add in improvements especially in denoising and load speed and the more powerful GPUs – and this could work in a couple years. TreeMonster 2 posts Offline.

People preferred the Cheesegrater Sidefx houdini fx 16.5.378 free download Pros because they 16.5.3788 upgradable. You could buy a new GPU a sidefx houdini fx 16.5.378 free download of years down the road when the original became long in the tooth.

With the new Mac Pro tube, you’re pretty much stuck with the hardware you bought on day one. It’s like having all the disadvantages of a laptop and a desktop. Add to that the fact that it hasn’t been updated since its debut likely because of all that custom hardwareand you’ve got a Mac Pro which people were pretty dissatisfied with.

But I don’t recall the drivers being better back then. If anything, drivers have greatly improved in the past year with High Sierra, especially the GL drivers.

Apple appears to be taking the pro segment a lot more seriously lately. Thanks for all the insights, Luiz! I am super happy with the stuff sidefx houdini fx 16.5.378 free download guys do for realtime in Houdini. And also happy that everyone works together to give power to the user. I hope they will release 4. And i have yet to see the talks you guys did at GDC! Lots of great things жмите сюда around – Unity is also making lots of improvements!

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