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See Trust the ASP. The page displays:. If the Swagger page doesn’t appear, see this GitHub issue. Swagger is used to generate useful documentation and help pages for web APIs. This tutorial focuses on creating a web API. For more information on Swagger, see ASP. Because Swagger will be removed, the preceding markup changes the URL that is launched to the GET method of the controller added in the following sections.

A model is a set of classes that represent the data that the app manages. The model for this app is a single TodoItem class. In Solution Explorer , right-click the project.

Name the folder Models. Name the class TodoItem and select Add. Model classes can go anywhere in the project, but the Models folder is used by convention. The database context is the main class that coordinates Entity Framework functionality for a data model. This class is created by deriving from the Microsoft.

DbContext class. In ASP. The container provides the service to controllers. If the scaffolding operation fails, select Add to try scaffolding a second time. When the [action] token isn’t in the route template, the action name is excluded from the route.

That is, the action’s associated method name isn’t used in the matching route. Update the return statement in the PostTodoItem to use the nameof operator:. The method gets the value of the to-do item from the body of the HTTP request.

For more information, see Attribute routing with Http[Verb] attributes. The CreatedAtAction method:. This tutorial uses http-repl to test the web API. If you don’t have the.

NET 6. Open a new terminal window, and run the following commands. If your app uses a different port number, replace in the httprepl command with your port number. The following example assumes that you’re still in an httprepl session. If you ended the previous httprepl session, replace connect with httprepl in the following commands:. This app uses an in-memory database.

If the app is stopped and started, the preceding GET request will not return any data. If no data is returned, POST data to the app. The URL path for each method is constructed as follows:. Replace [controller] with the name of the controller, which by convention is the controller class name minus the “Controller” suffix.

For this sample, the controller class name is TodoItems Controller, so the controller name is “TodoItems”. NET Core routing is case insensitive. If the [HttpGet] attribute has a route template for example, [HttpGet “products” ] , append that to the path. This sample doesn’t use a template. The response code for this return type is OK , assuming there are no unhandled exceptions. Unhandled exceptions are translated into 5xx errors.

For example, GetTodoItem can return two different status values:. The response is No Content. This sample uses an in-memory database that must be initialized each time the app is started. There must be an item in the database before you make a PUT call. Currently the sample app exposes the entire TodoItem object. Production apps typically limit the data that’s input and returned using a subset of the model.

There are multiple reasons behind this, and security is a major one. DTO is used in this tutorial. The secret field needs to be hidden from this app, but an administrative app could choose to expose it. Right-click the project. The location header URI can be tested in the browser. Copy and paste the location header URI into the browser.

There are multiple reasons behind this and security is a major one. DTO is used in this article. Visual Studio NET and web development workload. NET Core 3. You can follow these instructions on any platform macOS, Linux, or Windows and with any code editor.

Call the Get method from a browser to test the app. In the Security Warning dialog that appears next, select Yes. Replace the return statement in the PostTodoItem to use the nameof operator:. The response code for this return type is , assuming there are no unhandled exceptions. NET Core web apps.

NET Core. Duende Identity Server enables the following security features:. Duende Software might require you to pay a license fee for production use of Duende Identity Server. For more information, see Migrate from ASP. NET web app. View or download sample code for this tutorial.

See how to download. Ir al contenido principal. Este explorador ya no se admite. Tabla de contenido Salir del modo de enfoque. Tabla de contenido. In this tutorial, you learn how to: Create a web API project. Add a model class and a database context. Scaffold a controller with CRUD methods. Configure routing, URL paths, and return values.

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